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Bed & breakfast is one of the most preferred combinations by travelers when residing in private homes or hotels. Accommodation with breakfast facility varies from country to country. This depends on the area as well where the hotel or private home is located. Residential suites which are located near the picnic spots and tourist preferred destinations generally include breakfast with the accommodation. However the breakfast timings are strictly followed. This implies that after the set timings if you would ask for Breakfast you would be paying for it. However there are some countries like Italy where it's a regulatory law to provide minimum Bed & Breakfast.
Some private homes, lodges, suites or hotels provide it as a basic amenity. However at some hotels the breakfast facility is dependant as per the room type. Standard room which is the first and the basic room type may not provide the facility. These rooms only have a Bed and Bathroom [...]
A 'vacation home swap' (also called a 'vacation home exchange') is arrangement where you vacation using another family's home as accommodation, and they use your home.
This can be done at exactly the same time, or at different times according to what suits both families. Some families go away elsewhere while their home is being used, while some people are using their second home or vacation home for the exchange anyway.
This sort of vacation arrangement is becoming more and more popular, since it cuts out the major cost of a vacation - the accommodation. No money changes hands between the families participating in a vacation home swap, and the only expense is to register with a home exchange service, so that other people can see your home listed, and you in turn can see homes listed that you can use [...]
Vacations are a time to relax and unwind oneself from the pressure of work, family etc. Every family would love to take time off for themselves and go on a vacation to places they don't frequent often. But for families that are on a tight budget, going on a vacation might seem to be just impossible, considering the huge hotel bills. Home exchange or swapping is just the right thing for people who are trying to go on a vacation on a limited budget and for those who would prefer to stay in a home rather than a hotel or a motel.
Home exchange is the latest trend in the tourism industry where people can swap their homes with others who are on the look out for a similar home to stay when on a vacation. The internet has made the task of home swapping much easier, which helps people to find a vacation home without having to physically visit the property. For a person who lives hundreds of miles away, it is impossible to fix a vacation home or swap his/her home without the service of an experienced agent in this field [...]