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Useful Information On Bed and Breakfast

Bed & breakfast is one of the most preferred combinations by travelers when residing in private homes or hotels. Accommodation with breakfast facility varies from country to country. This depends on the area as well where the hotel or private home is located. Residential suites which are located near the picnic spots and tourist preferred destinations generally include breakfast with the accommodation. However the breakfast timings are strictly followed. This implies that after the set timings if you would ask for Breakfast you would be paying for it. However there are some countries like Italy where it's a regulatory law to provide minimum Bed & Breakfast.

Some private homes, lodges, suites or hotels provide it as a basic amenity. However at some hotels the breakfast facility is dependant as per the room type. Standard room which is the first and the basic room type may not provide the facility. These rooms only have a Bed and Bathroom. The next available would be Premium which will be at an extra cost and would give the breakfast facility. These rooms also provide a mini kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator. Deluxe room type is the best and the most lavish room type and hence has the morning meal included with the accommodation. Deluxe room also provide mini kitchen with the required utensils and gas stove. The rates for deluxe rooms are higher as compared to the other room type. Super deluxe room type may include the Kitchen with the required stuff and amenities for breakfast.

Breakfast could be served at the Room or kept in Buffet as well. Depending upon the star category of the hotel they provide food variety in the Breakfast. Usually breakfast would include Bread, Butter & Jam, Corn flakes, Tea, Coffee, Oatmeal and fruits. This is primarily the basic breakfast that could be kept. In western countries people prefer Waffle, Muffins, Egg and omelet in the morning meal. This kind of facility is preferred by Business Travelers and not by family & friends. Business professionals have to spend the entire day for work. For the same reason they prefer an accommodation which would take care of their morning meal. This is included in the corporate deals with big companies where bulk rooms are booked for a longer time. Hence it acts in promoting the private lodge or the hotel as well.

Geographically if we talk about Bed & Breakfast, countries who are endorsing Tourism and enticing tourists keep this facility available for no additional cost. For example in India B&B is included with the stay. Similarly in United States of America most of the residential suites and private homes provide this as a basic amenity. Irrespective of the room type and the location of hotel they provide breakfast facility. However in New Zealand this is an expensive facility if added on to the accommodation. Likewise in United Kingdom this is an expensive option if availed with the stay in a private lodge. Countries like Cuba & Pakistan are not that preferred and hence may provide the breakfast for no additional cost.