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International Health & Medical Insurance Link Partner
Providing international medical and travel insurance. online quote and application.
Aviation Health Institute
A charity providing information and funding research into the health issues faced by airline passengers.
Information about preventing flight health problems such as DVT, flight stress, jet lag and cosmic radiation.
International Medicine Center
A Houston, Texas-based provider of travel medicine services to corporations and individuals. Product and service details, news, and contact information.
International Travel and Health
Vaccination requirements and health advice from WHO.
Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad. Advice on avoiding disease risks.
MD Travel Health
Health risks and services in many countries, infectious diseases and suggested immunizations, illness prevention, and special needs travelers.
Provides detailed information about diseases, vaccinations recommended, prevention of illness, outbreaks on a country level following WHO's recommendations. In Danish and English.
Oxygen to Go
Portable oxygen for travelers dependent on supplemental oxygen.
Passport Health
USA-based company offering travel health advice and consultations.
Risck Solutions
Pre-travel medical screening and travel advice.
Sara's Wish Foundation
International travel safety foundation, established in wake of a Semester at Sea accident, provides travel tips and safety guidelines.
The Bathroom Diaries
A growing list of free public toilets around the world. Readers are invited to submit restrooms to the site. Includes an essay section.
The World Traveler
Provides information on international travel such as travel clinic locator, disease vaccine information for hepatitis A and B and others. Also links to CDC travel updates. Provided by GlaxoSmithKline.
Total Travel Clinic
Travel vaccinations and medical travel advice.
Travel Doctor
Provides travel medicine and vaccination services through Australia, New Zealand and SE Asian clinics. Travel health reports available for many destinations.
Travel Essentials New Zealand
Health reports for 150+ countries; recommended immunizations & vaccinations, traveler's health advice.
Travel Health Care
Advice on topics such as vaccination, malaria, insects, news, and events. Also a Sydney-based clinic offering travel medicine and vaccination services.
Travel Health Help
Explains how to avoid diseases using mosquito nets and discusses travel health issues like malaria and the West Nile virus.
Travel Healthcare
Provides international health advice and travel medicine and vaccination services to those intending to travel overseas.

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